Saturday, August 21, 2010

Older pets

Seven out of ten dogs never make it out of the shelter. Sad statistics.

Everyone wants a cute puppy. Puppies grow up into adult dogs. What happens years later as your dog gets older?

Animals like people develop age related illnesses. Are you prepared for that? More importantly are you still going to love him when he gets older? Or are you going to take You beloved pet to the shelter claiming "you just found him"?

Your pet will probably die at the shelter because he is older. And if by chance he has a disability. While the shelter paperwork is being done. The worker will likely put euthanize on his paperwork. Only a miracle will save him then.

So let me ask you. Does your beloved pet ,who gave you love and companionship deserve this fate?

No he does not! Now he needs you love and your patience more than ever!

You made a promise when you adopted him. You promised that you would love him forever, not just in til it got inconvenient.

She deserves for you to keep that promise.

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