Thursday, September 9, 2010

BDRA Dog "Bon Jovi" Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that Bon Jovi is doing great, is completely house
broken now. And has a new name. He never answered to Bon Jovi at all. So his
new name is Ami, as in Mon Ami, which means my friend in French, correct
me if I'm wrong our French speaking volunteers, or in Hebrew Ami means my
people, so either way, he's my friend and I'm his people. And he answered to
it right away.

He just absolutely loves my gang, he's very gentle with them and never
pounces on them or slaps them, which is normal behavior for Sibes.

He would make a great therapy dog, go visiting the elderly in nursing homes
or assisted living homes. He's so gentle and so sweet.

- Ami (Bon Jovi) 's Mom

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