Friday, September 17, 2010


I bought a knock off brands "Furmanator" called "Groomanator". At a fraction of the price. This brands comb only comes in one size,medium. Which is a little big for the tiny dogs. But it still does the job. After using it for 4 days,I am totally in love.
If you have pets you need this comb!
It gets all the extra hair and then some. My Blind dog Bacon leaves blankets of hair where ever she goes. And has a nasty cough due to her fur getting caught in her throat. But today she barely coughed. Gone are the blankets of dog hair.
And our clothes,have little to no dog hair on them. This product is simply amazing!
Well worth the price. If you purchase the original product-the small combs start at close to 30 dollars online.
I bought Sergents brand comb for only ten dollars,at my local grocery store.

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