Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can't Catch A Break

"Ok, we took Van Halen to the vet. He is emaciated. Big surprise. I knew that. He needs extensive dental work, extensive. He needs love and attention (We can do that and send him to people who can also do that!). He desperately needs to be shaved down. (Which will happen on Friday. There is a groomer at the vet's and Van Halen will see her on Friday. I am sure that will be a major project for him and her.) He is dehydrated and starving. So she gave him his rabies. And took a fecal and HW. He is HW negative! (YEAH!) and has no worms, etc in his fecal. The vet said he needs to be seen again before he travels and she would like to have him wait to travel until the end of the month. (However, if he can't due to scheduling issues, don't know that is set in stone.) He has almost no muscle in his hind parts, very skin and bones back there. They gave him subq fluids and a flea thing to kill all of his fleas.
So, he is feeling better already. We bought some canned puppy food (puppy to help him put on weight), and he gobbled it down. he actually walked all over the apartment. It was the most we have seen him move. The difference in 24 hours is unbelievable! He has a crate now and his own puppy food. He is also apparently blind just on the one side. He has begun asking for love by putting his head under your hand and butting your hand to be petted. He is so cute I can hardly stand it!!

Van Halen says hi to everyone and THANK YOU!!! He would give you all loves, but is tired now. "
-Colleen and Van Halen

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