Sunday, July 18, 2010


We have some really sick dogs coming in. A Siberian Husky who arrived at a shelter with one eye mauled, a blind/deaf, heartworm positive Min Pin with severe mouth abscesses, an emaciated lab mix....the list goes on. We hate to constantly ask for money, but the $200 adoption fee doesn't begin to cover the vetwork for these dogs, that has reached as high as $4000 for one dog. Please help where you can. Visit our Shop page, and shop from the affiliates there, or Igive, and BDRA will get a percentage: Donate-if every one of our Facebook fans donated just $5.00, we would have over $15,000!! That would cover our credit card bill this month.
Do you have any fundraising suggestions? Email our fundraising team at
Join us, and help us at local events! Email
Right now we are on the verge of having to stop taking in any dogs, and we HATE to do this.
Please help where you can, and share this with your friends!
Thank you.

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